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Mensa Printers

Mensa Printers
Address: 111 Arundel Lane
South Yorkshire
Postcode: S1 4RF
Telephone: 0114 272 5992
Printers By Town: Sheffield Printers
Printers By County: South Yorkshire Printers
Printers By Type: Brochure Printing, Catalog Printing, Digital Photo Printing, Digital Printing, Flyer Printing, Full Color Printing, Large Format Printing, Leaflet Printing

Mensa Printers have provided a litho printing service in Sheffield for many years supplying clients as diverse as engineers and one man garages to the university of Cambridge.

Offset printing is a very effective way of producing large numbers of items to a high quality standard. Offset litho is effective when you require an accurate colour match with previously printed matter.

We offer a large range of papers including specialty products which can truly set your organisation apart.

Mensa Printers offer a digital printing service in Sheffield using the latest Xerox technology to deliver a rapid response for our clients.

Digital printing is particularly effective when the quantity required is low, when several versions are required, or time is short.

Digital printing can be a useful way to trial your printed items before producing a large quantity using conventional means: this ensures you use your resources in the best way.

For the smaller business digital print offers the opportunity to present in a professional manner and help to level the playing field with larger competitors.

Mensa Printers recognised the value of personalising print immediately.

Everyone is interested in the world they know and want to explore. Those who would influence hearts and minds realise that the best way to ensure a rapt audience is to address subjects of interest.

If the printed matter you send out is targetted more effectively a smaller number of items need to be produced to deliver the required effect so there will be less waste. This means a smaller drain on both your resources and on the environment. It also means that the cost of delivery to your audience is reduced in postage or sales force time; this frequently dwarfs the print production costs.

Personalisation is not just about putting a name and address into a mail merge; modern communication requires that the images and content apply to the recipient.

At its most simple this means considering whether several versions of your material may speak most effectively to your audience.

A more sophisticated approach requires gathering information about your contacts and organising it to allow them to benefit from truly personal communication from you. We can assist you to select and address images to appeal to your contacts using professional photographers or stock photography. A graphic designer can help you to design attractive materials and strategic marketing professionals will help you devise a campaign and follow up to maximise response. Print is most effective in the context of a strategy which is thoroughly thought through.

There is a saying in the print trade a job is never done until it is finished... Print finishing is often the key to a succesful presentation of your ideas and we offer a wide range of effective options.

Professional guillotine work leads to a clean finish and creasing prevents paper cracking. Wiro binding allows a book to open flat which is useful for study or if you really want to follow that recipe. Making a booklet can be tidier than just stapling along one edge or in a corner.

There is a wide variety of sundries to improve your image from polypropylene covers and binding screws to corner pockets.

Do think carefully about your appearance - the immediate impact you choose to make creates a lasting impression.

Mensa Printers of Sheffield began life on Whitsuntide Tuesday 1956 in an office in Stanley Street, off the Wicker, in Sheffield. The business was founded by Geoffrey Dawn who was qualified as an accountant. He decided to explore the world of independence and see if small business would make for a better life.

Clients appeared and the fledgling business began to develop. Before long he moved into Grosvenor House on the corner of Wicker and Nursery Street in Sheffield, occupying larger premises. Clients’ increasing requirements led to the aquisition of newer equipment and the business became known for offering a valuable service to local businesses and the community.

George Dawn joined the Mensa Printers and began to learn the inky arts of the printer's craft trade. Larger and more powerful equipment arrived and in 1988 Mensa Printers moved across the centre of Sheffield to Arundel Lane where it still operates.

In 2002 Mensa Printers began to operate colour digital printing presses in Sheffield as Xerox machinery became available. More and specialised digital finishing machines were added to our capability before the existing Sheffield printing operation required the building to be entirely redeveloped. For over three months Mensa's staff continued to offer a service to clients whilst huge changes happened all around.

In February 2004 a new state of the art production colour press was delivered by Xerox. This offers Mensa Printers the capability to deliver a hugely improved service based on the company's heritage values to clients old and new.